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Cake makes everyone feel better, that's a fact! We make it easy for you to have a perfect celebration, wedding or party with our big variety of the sweet treats for everybody. Whether you’re after a rich chocolate cake, light sponge cake or special design icing cake we know how make it perfect. Experienced bakery with high quality and standards. Luxury Cakes is home to some of the best cakes, cupcakes, donuts,, eclairs and pastries for big or small events. Free delivery to your door!


Heart Cake / V011 £10.00  
Mix donuts 1 box 10 pieces / D07 Jam, Toffee, Custard £10.00  
Orfeuz- Chocolate Cake with cream and cherry jam. 1 Box / CI01 £30.00  
Jam Donuts 1box 10 pieces / D06 £10.00  
Eclairs 6 pieces / CE010 £5.00