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Occasional cakes

Luxury cakes 4U offer fully personalised cakes, birthdays cakes, anniversary cakes, religious cakes, thank you cakes, Valentines and Christmas cakes and other! We are serving Corporate events and Private parties, Our online cake ordering is quick and simple. In under 2 minutes, you can have a cake with your image ordered ready for your next celebration. It’s a cake recipe Luxury cakes 4U are proud of, it’s received many amazing reviews from our customers.


Wedding cakes
Valentine Cakes
Christmas cakes
Communion cream cake. Square / BD079C Cream cake £45.00  
Communion cream cake / Book / BD052O cream cake £60.00  
Anniversary icing cake / BD117O £50.00  
Anniversary icing cake / BD132O £50.00  
New Baby girl icing cake / BD133O £50.00  
New Baby girl icing cake / BD134KO £50.00  
New Baby boy icing cake / BD136KO £50.00  
New Baby boy icing cake / BD137KO £50.00  
New Baby pink cream cake / BD046O £45.00  
Rainbow cream cake / BD035O £50.00  
Mother's day icing cake / BD206 O £50.00  
Mother's day icing cake / BD207 O £50.00